Digital Stamp / Square画像

Digital Stamp / Square

Product description

Process from order to delivery

1.Write the name you want on the stamp in English letters in all caps.

2.Select Kanji or Katakana as the character.

3.Select Kointai or Gyosho as the typeface.

4.Select vermilion or crimson as the color.

5.Put the product in your cart, write the necessary information, and submit your order.


   You can not put both Digital Stamp and Wooden Hanko in your cart at the same time due to the cart system.

   If you order both Digital Stamp and Wooden Hanko, submit each order separately.

   We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. 


6.After we confirm your payment, we will start making the order, and will deliver it to you via email attachment within 3 business days.

7.We will attach an image file for free that explains the Japanese kanji that we used.

Digital stamps
They are not actual stamps, but high quality image files in PNG format.
They can be inserted as images into general document creation software.
 The white part of the stamp can be made transparent to look just like actual stamps.
*Please refer to the instructions for each software to insert images and make them transparent.
If you convert them to PDF files, you can also use the stamp function to insert them into PDF documents.
Sent as approx. 14 cm image file. You can freely change the size of the image yourself.
 (Actual Dual Hanko are 18 mm in diameter)
You can paste them directly into emails in HTML format.
They can also be used as profile pictures on social media.
Use them to digitally express yourself in a wide range of other ways.

Dual Hanko
Dual Hanko are unique stamps that have a name in both Japanese characters and the alphabet, and they are only sold at our shops. With Dual Hanko, the name is on the stamp in the alphabet, so people who aren’t from Japan can easily look at the stamp and tell whose it is. Dual Hanko are a Japanese souvenirs that are popular as special personalized gifts, for both foreign tourists and Japanese who travel overseas.

■Dual Hanko is a registered trademark of Bunbukudo Inbo Co., Ltd.
■The Dual Hanko stamp surface design is a registered design of Bunbukudo Inbo Co., Ltd