[Personalized] Woman in kimono:1B + name画像

[Personalized] Woman in kimono:1B + name

Product description
■They are extremely unique tricolor stamps with built-in ink.

■You can get tricolored woodblock-like print by stamping three different colored square 37 millimeter stamps respectively along the included square ruler. 

The products such as them have never seen in the market.

Illustrations of "Japan" depicted in simple and understandable ways

Portrait : Woman in kimono + name

■Background : Mt. Fuji

■Frame : Seigai Waves Wave pattern

■A square ruler is included

■Single-use 3 color refill inks are included

Personalized stamps only for you
Your name will be put in them, so anyone who sees them can easily tell to whom they belong.

Stamps come with refillable ink, so separate ink pads are not needed

The stamps can be used for a long time by refilling them with special ink. 

We would recommend buying ink refills together with the stamps if you live outside Japan.

Notes: The stamps will become unusable if not refilled with the proper ink.

How to use the stamps

1. Choose the one you want to use first, and stamp it. The order doesn't matter.

2. Place the square ruler on the lower left corner of the stamp.

3. Make sure to hold the square ruler in place ( do not move ), 

    until you have finished stamping the third stamp.

4. Place the second stamp so that the square ruler is on its lower left corner, and stamp it.

5. Stamp the third stamp in the same way as the second one. 

Watch the video above to learn how to stamp them.

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